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+ this page is for anything that may not "fit" well with the main page sections, or wip sections I haven't moved to the main page!
+ I experiment in this page often and try to learn cool html features :)

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+ I occassionally change the songs on the playlist, they are random songs I've been listening to at the time of updates!
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dusky and the internet

I am typically a lurker on the net, and have stayed inactive on social networking systems for some time. I learned about neocities from a friend of mine and I thought it would be a creative endeavor as a novice coder. Seeing the eclectic community of personal websites inspired me, and I hope to share some of my personality on the internet! As I'm hesitant to reveal much about my identity on this website, I thought it would be an interesting concept to use "characters" instead to show the different facets of my creative hobbies.

ds book style is a type of

gameplay where the ds is

played on its side, like a


Growing up with Nintendo games, book style DS games have always had a special place in my heart!

Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven was one of the first video games I was exposed to as a child, and it's played a large influence in my musical and cultural consumption. The book style "gimmick" worked perfectly with the ds game, and I spent hours grinding levels to get perfect scores and unlock mini games. I was drawn to the cheerful characters and catchy songs, and the satisfaction of having perfect rhythm in my gameplay catalyzed the start of my rhythm game journey. One of my favorite levels was the fanclub monkeys because of the song and silly concept!

Brain Age

My most used console from my childhood was the DSi XL, which came with the brain age express series. All of my games were on cartridges as I did not buy any games digitally, which meant that brain age express was often the only other alternative series I could play. Fortunately, I loved spelling and art! I enjoyed comparing my artworks with friends and family, unleashing a competitive streak within me.

Hotel Dusk

Wishing to play a Shu Takumi directed game, I looked into buying ghost trick which I quickly abandoned due to its resale price [prior to the remaster]. I picked up a copy of hotel dusk instead, and sparked my love of ds games again. While the gameplay and story has its flaws (difficulty of progression and puzzles), the extremely charismatic dialogue is unlike any other game I have played. I also enjoyed the artwork of Taisuke Kanasaki, whose rotoscoping direction only added to the uniqueness. Although I was not able to fully enjoy the games from Cing INC. as much (namely trace memory), the quirks of the book style puzzles leaves a charming impression.

A collection of video games I've played over the years!
Hover over the images to view the titles
wii and wii u

Taiko no Tatsujin

Taiko no Tatsujin is an rhythm arcade franchise created by Bandai Namco Entertainment featuring the taiko drum as the main instrument. The genres available to play include: Namco Original*, video game, pop, anime, classical, and variety (miscellaneous). (*Namco Original songs are typically songs made specifically for the game or have been produced by Bandai Namco Ent.)

notable sites:

This is the list of previous music shown on this page, from most-least recent

  • [Brain Age Express] Guest Menu
  • [Hotel Dusk] Pink Rabbit
  • [KATAMARI DAMACY] Lonely Rolling Star
  • [Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland] Rainbow Resort
  • [MOTHER 2] Apple Kid's Theme
  • [PIKMIN] Today's Results
  • [Rhythm Heaven] Fanclub

  • [AOA] Gonna Get your Heart
  • [HUS] Salad Days
  • [Lexie Liu] i wanna tell you
  • [Loveholics] Miracle Blue
  • [Loveholics] 바람이 참 매섭다
  • [SunnyHill] 두근두근
  • [相対性理論] LOVEずっきゅん
  • [수민] Cookie (original by NewJeans)
  • [수민] 옷장

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