Your stay will be in room 215, but there is a friendly neighbor and a nearby boutique to interact with. [disclaimer: this website is mainly developed/tested on safari, and is not optimized for mobile viewing]

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Duskytel is a portmanteau of dusky and officetel!

Sangie is a rookie traveler that loves to take pictures of himself. If the picture doesn’t focus on him, he doesn’t want it. He is a loyal resident of the dusky officetel when he isn't traveling.

Sangie's song: HM boutique from 'Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!'

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Fluffy the bunny is a stylish boutique owner from New York that loves to show off her outfits. She is quick to hop on the newest trends of the 21st century.

Fluffy's song: k.k. etude from 'animal crossing'
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