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album of the week: CHAT-SHIRE [IU]


I finally changed the font after some contemplation, and plan on adapting the layout to firefox in the near future! I wasn't very happy with the readability of the previous font for my website's general text, but I wanted to keep the pixel look. It's not exactly the best for legibility, but I felt it was a compromise I could work with. It felt a little obvious in hindsight for me to use a font inspired by the DS. Since the previous font (000webfont) only used capital letters, I'll have to check for capitalization errors I missed but I'm relieved to make the change...
I found the motivation to create buttons for the theme switch, but it's been tricky figuring out how to change the image src onclick. I've slowly been learning javascript tidbits like the time-based greeting on the landing iframe page, but I'd like to focus on java for the time being to learn the fundamentals and data structures/algorithms.

song of the week: sleep talk [Zion.T feat. OHHYUK]


I've made progress on this website consistently this past week, which I'm proud of! I'm currently on academic break and having the time to work on my hobbies and take walks is refreshing. There's a backlog of items that I've been meaning to sew. The weather has also been great recently- perfect for catching up with friends! Although sleeping in is my favorite pastime, I can't help but feel uneasy about wasting time...

song of the week: MR. BOOGIEMAN [KIRINJI]


I have been learning how to make windows applications with C# and it's been really fun adding items and coding, but I really miss the old UI... It's also been a little too busy to work on this website and blog T.T but! I recently got a book on html, css, and javascript that I'm looking forward to. Hopefully this website will look more fancy soon^^ This week's image is a drawing of Edelgard I did on CSP (I'm very new to the program), and the screen tone effect was fun to play with.

Song of the week: So Long [Bitei Matsuki]


My eyes felt strained using my pc for my work/hobbies, so I tried some second-hand gouache for the first time in some mini portraits/illustrations. It felt natural even though I've always felt too impatient for paints to dry. I especially enjoyed using spectrum violet and opera pink! I painted some artists I enjoyed listening to (while rediscovering their music). I felt that Bitei Matsuki's first full length album was fitting to paint. There was a interview article I read recently on his artistic process and I see a lot of my interests in his inspirations! I also tried oil pastels and drew a variety of katamari characters, but the physical pressure in making an opaque texture was too demanding;;

song of the week: 바람이 참 매섭다 [Loveholics]


This is the first blog post! I started my hobonichi planner today. Although I have many personal plans for 2024, I can't help but feel hesitant since this is an important year for me. Hopefully I can be consistent with my planner and look back on this year with fond memories! I celebrated the new year with 떡국 and Loveholics.

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